JC Arms & Ammunition is your professional firearms service provider

Firearm Services

Trust our qualified gunsmiths to complete your next project. No matter what your needs are, you can rely on JC Arms & Ammunition to service your firearm with the highest quality craftsmanship and professionalism.

Design & Production:

Work with our expert firearm manufacturer to build a custom firearm to your exact specifications.

Frame Modification:

Want frame work done to your pistol? We have a qualified team of experts to do this for you.

  • Pistol Slide Cuts starting at $150.00 (+shipping)

Cerakote Application:

Protect your firearm from corrosion and other dangers with our high quality Cerakote application process.

Pistol Cerakote Pricing:

  • Full Single Color $125.00
  • Full Two Color $165.00
  • Additional Color $65.00
  • Slide Only Single Color $90.00

Rifle Cerakote Pricing:

  • Full Single Color $175.00
  • Full Two Color $230.00
  • Additional Color $65.00
  • Upper or Lower Single Color $125.00
  • Custom pricing for any pattern work upon request. Pricing does not include shipping. All pricing is for in-stock color options only. Subject to change.

FFL Transfers:

Bought a firearm from out of state and need a Minnesota based FFL to handle your transfer? Look no further, our fully licensed FFL shop can help you. We will waive the $30 transfer fee with an equal value ammunition purchase on the same day as your transfer.

Contact Us!

To learn more about our professional firearm services or to request a quote for your project, get in touch with us at 651.674.5878, or through our online contact form.